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Public www update: Sat Jun 18 02:13:28 UTC 2022.
2 weeks ago
academic academic/openboard: Updated for version 1.6.3. 2 weeks ago
accessibility accessibility/xdotool: Updated for version 3.20210903.1. 2 weeks ago
audio audio/tauonmb: Added flatpak's rpc 2 weeks ago
business business/binance-desktop: Updated for version 1.36.0. 2 weeks ago
desktop desktop/bottles: Updated for version 2022.5.28.trento.3. 2 weeks ago
development development/nodejs: Updated for version 18.4.0. 2 weeks ago
games games/openmsx-debugger: Updated for version 20220528. 2 weeks ago
gis gis/proj-data: Updated for version 1.10. 2 weeks ago
graphics graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.87. 2 weeks ago
ham ham/qt-dab: Updated for version 4.4. 2 weeks ago
haskell haskell/haskell-lpeg: Make slack-desc ASCII. 3 months ago
libraries libraries/range-v3: Added (C++ Range Library) 2 weeks ago
misc system/yaze-ag: Renamed from Misc. 2 weeks ago
multimedia multimedia/plexmediaserver: Updated for v 2 weeks ago
network network/protonmail-import-export-app: Update URLs and fix lints. 2 weeks ago
office office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.8.63. 2 weeks ago
perl perl/perl-Date-Manip: Updated for version 6.88. 3 weeks ago
python python/stack_data: Updated for version 0.3.0. 2 weeks ago
ruby ruby/rubygem-yajl-ruby: Change i486 to i586 3 weeks ago
system system/guake: Updated for version 3.9.0. 2 weeks ago
.gitignore git/gitignore: Add .tar.zst in gitignore. 8 months ago
.mailmap Edits to .mailmap to update entries 11 months ago
ChangeLog.txt Public www update: Sat Jun 18 02:13:28 UTC 2022. 2 weeks ago
README sbo/README: Added github link. 3 years ago


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