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desktop file: hide the app from desktop menus

Signed-off-by: Vincent Batts <vbatts@hashbangbash.com>
2024-06-09 14:08:36 -04:00
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It would be great to put a link in my notes to the directory I working in on a project, and it opens a terminal right to there.

Something simple like a URI to the directory you had a terminal open.


This requires a golang compiler.

git clone https://git.batts.cloud/vbatts/terminal-url-handler
cd terminal-url-handler
make user-install


Say you keep a notebook/journal/whatever in an app that allows hyperlinks (markdown, html, etc.).

Create a link:


i.e. terminal-url-handler

<a href="terminal://~/src/terminal-url-handler">terminal-url-handler</a>

Types of URIs

multiple cases of URIs, and we are not dealing with query parameters. No shell execution.

  • terminal:///home/user
  • terminal://host:/home/user
  • terminal://host/home/user
  • terminal://user@host:/home/user
  • terminal://user@host:port/home/user

default terminal?

On most Linux desktops, the x-terminal-emulator is an update-alternatives symlink to a Terminal app like gnome-terminal or whatever.

To see alternatives for x-terminal-emulator, run:

$ update-alternatives --list x-terminal-emulator

To change this, say to xfce4-terminal, run:

sudo update-alternatives --set x-terminal-emulator /usr/bin/xfce4-terminal.wrapper


happy to take contributions or enhancements.

This seems like something that ought to be built-in for most desktops.


all this business of x-scheme-handlers and desktop files, I am surprised there isn't a simple GUI that can help creating and indexing them.

Discovering x-scheme-handlers is a programatic enough, but is currently primarily from shell? Whatever.


Future improvements?

  • if a user@host is included, then ssh to the host